How it Works

Ready To Go: Click on the basket you would like to order and head to check out. Once your ready to check out, please include the following details to the notes section of check out: Clients First & Last Names, Date & Time of Closing, Title Company Name & Address & Escrow Officer Name, The address your clients are BUYING or SELLING.

Custom OrderThis is where you will pick a basket with your dedicated budget and then provide us with the same details requested above. You will add any details about your clients you would like us to know to better create a tailored gift with them in mind. Ideas would be; newlyweds, single, kids, pets, hobbies or interests. This is also where you can get specific with color theme or style such as Farmhouse or Modern. Once we have completed your order, we will send you a picture for final approval or suggested changes. Once approved, we will place on our schedule for delivery prior to closing date.


Do you Deliver?

We do! If you are in the AUSTIN or SAN ANTONIO areas we will deliver to the Title Co and/or Real Estate Office Monday thru Friday between 8:30 & 5:30 at no additional charge. 


Will you Deliver to the Recipients Home?

We will... but there will be a delivery fee, this will depend on location or proximity to access etc. and if coordinated after hours. To avoid delivery fee just choose to deliver to your office so that you can take to them or have them pick up there


Do you Ship?

Shipping is available, however, since our baskets are large, heavy, and breakable, it makes it costly for our Customers. If you are still interested in shipping, please send us an email to happilyeverbaskets@gmail.com so that we may discuss options and costs.


How Much Time is needed for orders?

We need 72 hours for custom orders, however, we can arrange a rush turn around for a small rush fee of $25. You can also avoid that rush fee by choosing a Ready to Go Basket and picking up from one of our locations. AUSTIN ORDERS - we are currently delivering orders for Austin on Wed until peak season (March-Sept) where we will deliver there twice a week. In order to guarantee your delivery on time for closing, you must place the order on or before the Tuesday prior to the week closing is scheduled.  


What are Pop By's and How does it work?

Pop Bys are small gifts given to clients or your circle of influence face-to-face. They are intended to give you a reason to go meet with, deepen your relationship and provide an opportunity to connect and ask for their business and referrals and to show how much your appreciate them. We add a catchy tagline with the gift to make it fun, memorable and ultimately to promote your business. 

They come in sets of 20 and we will include your Branded Info if desired, we will also split up the order if you decide to split with a team member or vendor partner. We will deliver to your office for you to distribute or you can pick up from out location. *It is important to stay consistent which is why we offer different gifts each month.

*Pro Tips- Make a list of your VIP's and deliver one to two a day for two weeks so its not overwhelming, also shoot them a text letting them know you want to stop by, if they don't answer take a pic of it at their front door and send to them (just in case they always use their garage in and out) Remember to let them know "You are never too busy for their referrals" 


What is the Realtor Program?

We understand the peaks and valleys of Real Estate, we don't want you to miss out on being able to gift something great for closing because you are quite sure if it will make it to closing and funding. At check out click on the Realtor Program and input your card info. We will prepare your gift and put on schedule and wait to charge your card until the deal funds or 72 hours after delivery (whichever comes first)


What if my Deal falls through? 

We will be happy to take back your gift less anything personalized and provide a refund less those one or two personalized items. We generally wait to personalize within 24-48 hours prior to delivery/closing anyway, therefore we are hoping you aren't stuck with items you didn't use. 


Can I cancel or transfer my order?

Sure as long as it hasn't been fulfilled yet. We see this happen where you order a gift for someone and the deal falls through before making it to closing, just let us know asap so that we don't personalize or send out for delivery. We will be happy to refund you or provide a credit for your next order, whichever you choose. 

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